The next phase of Project Edge – UTS to centralise fundraising efforts

To our valued community, donors, partners and friends

SpinalCure Australia (SCA) and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) wish to advise that Project Edge has restructured its communication and fundraising effort. The project will now be referred to as the Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Research Program and from now all fundraising and communication will be led and managed by UTS and Professor Bryce Vissel.

This step has been deemed the best way to ensure a better coordinated effort and the most successful outcomes for the project and the people who it aims to benefit.

SCA is pleased to have worked with UTS, Professor Vissel and Professor Reggie Edgerton to found the program and ensure that it has a solid foundation from which to build future success.

We firmly believe that the research and work pioneered by Professor Edgerton has huge potential to better the lives of those suffering from spinal cord injuries.

Future queries and donations as they relate to the Recovery Research Program can be directed here or by email to

Please note that UTS is now handling all expressions of interest as they relate to participation in the clinical research program. People who have indicated their interest in the clinical research program so far have had their information securely transferred to UTS. Further, all donations that have been made to Project Edge will be transferred to UTS in their entirety.

SpinalCure is proud of the pivotal role it has played in establishing neurostimulation research in Australia and will continue to identify, fund and promote breakthrough spinal cord injury research locally and globally. Your continued support in this endeavour is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions at all as they relate to SpinalCure Australia, please contact us directly via email on or by phoning 1800-SPINAL (1800-774625) or 02 9356 8321.